Each Year Gifts of Grace sends two teams to Lithuania. One is a summer building team/evangelism team and the other team is sent in December to share Christmas Gifts boxes.

Since the first team in 2004 Gifts of Grace has supported numerous building projects in the Birzai region. From reconstructing a church to converting a house into a help center, from providing families with running water and bathrooms, resurfacing the outside of a house, to converting a barn into a bakery. We have found that there is no job to big with God's help. Many relationships are also built through these projects, as there are always local folks around eager to help with every job. Getting to know the people you are trying to help is the most rewarding part of the entire experience.

The first of December we take a team to hand out the Christmas boxes that have been prepared by folks back in the states. These boxes are not like other gift boxes one may have prepared through other organizations. These boxes are personalized with the child's name, a photo if possible, they are larger and you are encouraged to fill the box with clothes, toys, and essential items for very cold weather. One of the wonderful things about theses boxes is that this is the beginning of a relationship for you who have prepared it with this child. The Christmas mission is a very emotional time for the folks on the team as you see the poverty that these children and their families live in and you experience the hard winters that they endure year after year. But you also see the joy in a child's face when they are given a Gift box or they meet Santa Claus for the first time!

A highlight of every of mission journey is visiting with the friends you have made, Aside from work there are great opportunities to have some fun by helping with the summer Bible Camp, swimming with the kids from the orphanage, or just sitting around in Regina's or other friends backyard after a hard day of work.

These team experiences will change your life and it will grow your relationship even closer to the Kingdom of God. Our prayer is that you will consider going and experiencing this mission journey with God and the lovely folks in Lithuania.