In 2015 Gifts of Grace Ministries ushered in a new way of providing ongoing support for the children of the area with the introduction of sponsorships. Our current program includes 60+ children who are a part of the programs through Pagalbos Centras. Each month 25 Euros are distributed to the participants. They are instructed on proper use of the funds by the Pagalbos Centras workers. Participants use the money for school supplies, clothing, healthcare, food and anything else they need to give themselves a better life. Some of the children use these funds to help with living expenses and to help feed their families. While 25 Euros may not seem like a lot (=$27usd), it can go a long way for the children in Lithuania.

One child saved their sponsorship money to purchase a bicycle for their mother. They wanted to give her a better way to travel to and from work. Some people walk 5 to 15 miles to work in town each day. This bicycle allowed her to get home quicker to her family. Once at home, the children would then ride the bicycle for play. This amount of money has truly been life changing for this family and many others.

Our goal is to expand the sponsorship program to more children every year. If you would like more information about sponsoring a child please email

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