Gifts of Grace Ministries holds the Medeikiai Orphanage in Lithuania very close to their hearts. The orphanage is located in the Birzai region. Twice a year we have the opportunity to visit with the children who live in the orphanage. In the summer the director Daiva Janoniene and her co-workers always welcomes us to come and spend time with the children. This time can be spent taking the children to a nearby swimming pond in the countryside, playing ball, swinging on the swing set, roasting wieners and marshmallows and eating watermelon to name a few fun things the team has done with the children. Also there is the time spent with the babies and toddlers when you get to love on them and give hugs and kisses and sometimes they are even returned. Oh, what a blessing this place is for all who get to experience this gift from God.

In the winter our team is always welcomed again by Daiva and all the lovely folks who work in the orphanage. When the team arrives they always have a special visitor with them by the name of Santa Claus! Santa helps the team distribute the gifts we have shipped over. For the first several years Gifts of Grace gave small gifts and one time a monetary gift for some things that were needed in the orphanage. These types of gifts were given because there wasn't a way to know for sure which kids would still be living there. But for the past two years Gifts of Grace took a leap of faith and began giving them gift boxes like all the other kids receive in the Birzai area. The Gifts of Grace board felt that even though there was a turnover of children God would work it out and He has as He always does! It is amazing how God always supplies when you are doing His work and His Will.

The orphanage is a place of course that tears at all your heartstrings, because you just want to take all the children home with you. Not all the children are up for adoption, as some are there until certain family issues can be resolved. But there are some children who are adoptable and would love to have that special Mom and Dad to live out their life with.

Gifts of Grace gives thanks to God for all the workers who spend many tireless hours taking care of all these children. The children's ages range from a few days old up to 18 year's old at various times. And all the workers give them their very best love and care.