Pagalbos Centras in Birzai operates as a home base for the three current help centers in the region. The Help Centers provide enrichment programs for children of all ages after school and during the summer. Children are taught the importance of making a better life for themselves and about the love of Jesus Christ. They are given at least one hot meal per day, a place to shower, wash clothes and love beyond measure by the ladies who work these centers. It's amazing to see how these ladies love each and every child that comes through the centers. The centers also provide a safe place for families to stay for short periods of time due to unsafe conditions at home. They are very much safe havens

Pagalbos Centras in Birzai also has a three used clothing stores where people from all around can find everything from dress outfits, warm outerwear, to housewares. The other two shops are located in another area of Birzai and a not so distant city called Pasvalys. While clothes can be purchased at the stores many are given to families throughout the region when the center sees a need. Families also come to the centers food pantry, where the food is given out free to families. The center also provides a homecare program for the homebound.

The Gifts of Grace Family Help Center in Paceriaukste has a bakery that was converted from an old barn. The cost of electricity is very high, so the bakery can only be operated a couple days per week. Even still, the ladies of the center are able to provide baked goods, delicious breads and sweet rolls to the centers on a regular basis. They also give baked goods to the nursing homes and the orphanage.

The Papilys Help Center offers help like the other centers as far as programs for the children and their families. They also give help for those in need of clothes and food in the surrounding villages. The center has a wonderful after school program for the children and an amazing music program. They feed the children each day and provide them with love and security. The ladies and gentleman that work at this facility are beautiful loving people of God.

The three Help Centers provide jobs for many women in the area and volunteers also help with the workings throughout the day of the centers. The women at the centers welcome everyone with open arms and they are always looking for ways to give back. Even though they may not have a lot themselves they have the gift from God to love and to help those in need. It is so inspiring to see people freely give of their time and talents to help others.